When it is okay for a boxer to wear fishnet!

I was under the impression that if anyone other than girls in the adult industry business wanted to wear fishnet in the privacy of their own home they can do so, provided it doesn't create an adverse reaction in the eyes of their fans, family and friends. Specially if you are a boxer. If you are a regular man, it would be okay to wear a fishnet as well, provided it doesn't cause a stir with your immediate and distant family.

If you are, a minister, a judge or a politician, I suppose that it is also okay too, for the Lord knows that man has weaknesses and the act of dressing in another gender garments is not really a sin in itself. Having different kinds of fantasy is a private thing and should be kept that way. If in truth, Oscar did wear any garments that belongs to the opposite sex, there is really no harm done to anyone other than to his reputation as a champion fighter.

On the other hand, if Oscar did confide in that woman who said that she used to get up close and personal with him, to the point that he would allow her to take such pictures of him, then it is very shameful that she would break that trust by trying to bring that good man down in order to gain popularity.

In a perfect world with high moral values, you'd expect trust, respect and honesty from your friends and acquaintances. But whom are we trying to kid! We are living in a dog eat dog world where backstabbing, envy and jealousy is rampant. If one can pull the other one down to take his place, he would do so without hesitation. Why does he have lots of money and not you! Why is he a celebrity and not you! Why does he have a private jet and not you! Well all that can change in an instant.

Being popular in this glamorous world can mean the difference between making a living and really enjoying life to its fullest. If you are a pretty woman with no money and you see the chance to marry that famous baseball player who happens to drop by your hooters restaurant and instantly notice you, are you going to say no to him? I don't think so! You'll grab the opportunity with both hands and live happily ever after! More so after your divorce is finalized and you take half his fortune :)

If you are a girl in the adult entertainment business and see your chance to piggyback on someone as great as Oscar, WOW! What are you going to do. Let the opportunity go by and by the time you know it, you are too old to capitalize on the occasion? No way, you sell the pictures to the best offer and watch your name go up in the search engines. By then every gossip magazine publisher around would want to hear your story with wads of money to pay you for your time. As you know, nothing sells better than gossip, specially when it involves SEX! How many times have we heard that such and such actor have lost a private sex tape and now it is posted on the internet! Was the tape really lost in the first place?

In my opinion, she would have done better by strutting around with the man and let the media speculate about Oscar's new girlfriend. That would have been exactly what the doctor ordered. She could learn a lot from Coco Austin  who knows how to attract a man to her lovely net. Not just any man, but a hip hop mogul. We are still on the subject of fishnet, aren't we?

The power of women is infinite! How else can a young woman bring down the prez of the most powerful country on the planet! Is that something new? Since when have women been so powerful? They have always been! Read your bible, specially where it talks about Samson and Delilah. Have man dressed as women before in the ancient times? Of course they have, but they had fancier names for their attires then.

A fighter in a fishnet is not a weak fighter by the way! He can be the best and also be very rich! Heck, the way a fighter decides to dress for training, is nobody's business!