Wrestling has been around for a long time. It has gone through a lot of changes over the centuries to become what it is today, less and less wrestling and more and more soap opera. The Greeks started to master the art of wrestling by brawling in the Ancient Olympics Sporting Arenas during 708 BCE to make wrestling a trendy sport even then. Wrestling back in the days was a type of contact sport having for principle the exploitation and fitness of the body without causing harm to the opponent. Pinning your opponent's back to the mat was the ultimate goal. Later on, women wrestlers came into the ring. By this time, wrestlers were already causing injury to their opponents and missing the principle of wrestling entirely.

In the ring today, we see verbal abuse, violence, sex, and a whole lot more. The women who used to wear a one-piece suit at one time while wrestling are wearing almost nothing today. Parents are tired of fighting with their children over what was supposed to be entertainment, forcing them to stay away from this soap and controversy brought to us by a mixture of goons, women dancers, strippers offering all kind of filth in the name of wrestling thus polluting a fine sport.

Wrestling at one time was a wholesome sporting event. Wrestlers acted out their scenes on a wrestling mat making it appears that they were actually fighting. What went wrong? Nowadays wrestling is solicitation, immorality, gratuitous violence, retaliation and more.

Some of the wrestlers today are realizing how floozy the sport has become. In fact, one wrestler nearly destroy an office with a baseball bat, while screaming out that he was tired of the soap and scam in the ring. What happened to the old days when wrestling used to be a sport he charged.

Wrestling is no longer a battle of pain as in the days of the gladiators, where death would result. The current strategy is to pin down the opponent to win and gain fame. A wrestler must be a well trained athlete with sufficient skills to master his opponent without causing him/her harm. Weakness in the ring would only lead to defeat. Yet today, pratically no skill is involved since many wrestlers are battling verbally.

Children's interest in wrestling today has lead to violence in the real world. One boy body slammed his sister, killing her was trialed and sent to prison for manslaughter. Yet, this is not the only incident where a child claimed a life while performing tactics he has seen at a wrestling event. Numerous violent incidents by teenagers are routinely reported shortly after watching any regular wrestling program. The wrestling executives and promoters will continue to deny however that their programs is not the cause of the violence in teens, while mounting evidence shows otherwise. Granted that anyone promoting and selling a product, will go the distance in order to defend it. The word today is denial, denial and denial.

Wrestling has become a soap opera. Women are fighting on the screen with some wearing less than a bikini. The women are solicited by the men, and will often fight the men in the ring. Women wrestlers are not making it easy for real life women suffering abuse at the hand of men. Women fighting men is setting an image that it is ok to hit women. Women will never be as strong as men, for a man to hit a woman makes him less than a man...for that matter less than a real wrestler!


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